5 Gritty Tips About Buying Land #offthegrid


Thought of buying land, your own piece of dirt? Build a house, cabin, teepee?

Here are 5 gritty things to know:

1. Off the Grid. Remote land locations may not be serviced by public sewer, water gas or even have cable or internet services. Understand what is included, what your costs are and what services are available, if any.

2. Waste not want not. Learn about septic systems, regulations, inspections, service schedules and get referrals to reputable vendors.

3. Well. It's a deep question. If your land is serviced by a well, a transfer inspection may be required. Understand any costs that may be involved in a current well or in digging one. Check for repairs to an existing system and how it may interact with an existent and/or new septic system.

4. The heat is on. Not all land offers gas for heating. Look at alternative sources like propane, oil, wood or wood pellets and the installation and maintenance costs. How are they serviced and what are local zoning and health regulations regarding each type of heat? Know this before making your purchase and choice. 

5. Online feasibility. Hot spots or satellite may not be good enough for a home-based business. Satellite systems may not feature pay-per-view with no cable link. Learn your options. Check cellphone service while you're at it.

There is land not so far from the Greater Bay Area that would make for a great private retreat, orchard, vineyard or other agricultural property. Understanding how land is purchased and held is key to your successful land purchase. 


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